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Color Green frame and acrylic
Color Pink frame and acrylic
Cute heart silicone case
Funny silicon Black cover
Funny silicon Pink cover
Marble pineapple case
Slim crystal glitter case
Cute black heart silicone case
Ultra thin protective Blue case
Ultra thin protective Pink case
Candy silicon solid Black
Candy silicon solid Blue case
Candy silicon solid Green case
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Types of cute phone cases

A variety of protection for these smartphones makes it possible to choose cases for phone , which will fully meet the wishes and requirements of each owner of the gadget.

Characteristic features of different cover form factors:

Pads (many mistakenly call them a bumper): are most popular among owners of cellphones, because they do not affect the size and shape of the device. These cases for phones are made of modern materials, have a small weight, perfectly protect the back panel and side faces, can have various design solutions that are pleasant to the touch, do not complicate the operation of the phone.

Bumper: practically does not change the appearance of the smartphone, wraps around its perimeter, providing sufficient protection of the rib sides, protrudes above the screen and back panel-thus protects them from damage. It is a frame made of metal, high-quality plastic, silicone, carbon. Additional advantages include low cost and no increase in size.

Book covers are a great option if you want to protect your smartphone from all sides. The most expensive and high - quality options are leather accessories. This form of case is characterized by the presence of slots for credit and discount cards. Also, most models have a magnetic closure that does not allow the top cover of the book cover to open arbitrarily. The iPhone mount can be silicone, plastic, or leather.

Flip cases. This cute phone case provides optimal protection, made in the form of a book or a clamshell with a hinged lid. This type of accessories provides reliable protection of the front and back panels of the device. Artificial and natural leather, polycarbonate, and polypropylene are used for manufacturing. Depending on the material, the price may be moderate or higher. Battery cases: you will need to travel lovers, especially in places where there is no access to electricity, will ensure long-term operation of the gadget.

Shockproof cases: the most popular among active people, extreme athletes. This is a specially designed multi-layer construction made of metal, carbon, durable polymer or rubber, with an internal silicone or polyurethane insert that dampens the impact force when falling.

The wallet cases is an interesting and practical option that has compartments for business cards, money and other similar things. It can be made of leather, leatherette,polyurethane, textiles, it is also called a wallet.

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