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Color Green frame and acrylic
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Cute heart silicone case
Funny silicon Black cover
Funny silicon Pink cover
Slim crystal glitter case
Cute black heart silicone case
Ultra thin protective Blue case
Ultra thin protective Pink case
Candy silicon solid Black
Candy silicon solid Blue case
Candy silicon solid Green case
Rainbow gradient laser case
Candy silicon solid Pink case
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How to order a case for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

It is difficult to name any other event in the tech world that attracts the same amount of attention from the world community as the presentation of Apple's flagship smartphones. 2019 was no exception, and the world has found a new subject to follow, the quality of which has attracted less famous manufacturers of devices around the world. Along with the new generation of devices, Apple presented significantly improved cameras and processors of the new generation, which impress with their own performance.

The design of the Pro Max versions opened a new milestone in the visualization of devices of the modern generation and a huge number of manufacturers of high-quality mobile accessories rushed into the fight for the title of “best case for iPhone 11 Pro Max”. Among the numerous offers, it is already possible to distinguish the leaders in each of the form factors, and the choice of one or another cover depends solely on the requirements of the buyer and the personal preferences of each individual user. In turn, we have selected the most popular models in each of the segments and are happy to offer you proven cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max, which differ in a large number of positive reviews from both professional experts and ordinary customers.

    From our experience, we can say that the most popular types of cases for smartphones are:
  • thin silicone;
  • covers lining (bumpers);
  • reinforced shockproof;
  • book covers;
  • vertical flips;
  • leather overlays;
  • transparent options;
  • original Apple cases, etc.

Any of these accessory options is already available to order from our online store. To purchase, you need to add your favorite product to the cart and fill in the necessary fields. You can also call us at the phone numbers listed on the site. You can pay by cash on delivery, as well as by card/Bank account, payment systems. All products are in our warehouse, so we will send Your purchase on the day of placing the order.

Leather cases

Almost the only type of modern mobile accessories that does not need special representations and does not require special motivation to buy. Leather cases offer the user not only a high level of comfortable interaction with the smartphone, pleasant tactile sensations, but also a good level of reliability during everyday use. Despite the General misconception that leather is extremely susceptible to mechanical damage, this is not true. High-quality case for iPhone 11 Pro max has a skin that is characterized by the highest degree of wear resistance and high density. For this reason, such models easily survive most of the external factors, each of which can often cause various damages. Leather can be overlays, for example, Apple Leather case, which can be purchased in many colors, book covers and many other types.

Shockproof cases

And since we are talking about mobile accessories with increased strength, it's time to mention separately modern shock-resistant models, each of which copes with strong shocks and falls. For many, purchasing a shockproof case for iPhone 11 Pro Max is a mandatory process that is performed immediately after purchasing a new flagship device. Manufacturers use a wide range of different compounds as the main materials for such models. Often in this segment you can find modular models assembled using hybrid technology. This is how a really strong and strong case for apple iphone 11 Pro Max is created today, which will easily reduce the chance of deformation of the device to a minimum.

Book cases

What until recently was a truly classic solution for competing brands has now become a “classic” for modern smartphones from Apple. The presented form factor is the subject of a dispute between two opposing user camps. It is extremely difficult to treat it mediocre. This format of covers is either loved or hated. But no one can argue with the fact that this solution offers the maximum level of protection from external factors. If you need a really reliable and modern case for iPhone Pro 11 Max, which will provide uniform protection of your favorite smartphone - we strongly recommend looking at this category of products!

Silicone cases

A separate caste of modern mobile accessories, which is most popular among ordinary consumers. Silicone models are characterized by their pleasant texture, high-quality experience of user interaction with a smartphone and a high degree of reliability. Do not forget that most of the models in this segment are transparent solutions, each of which will emphasize the pristine beauty of the purchased device. This is the best way to show others what Apple designers pay high fees for.

In addition, silicone or its modified counterparts have a high degree of strength, reliability and elasticity. This is why most manufacturers choose silicone or TPU material when creating the best cases for iphone pro 11 max.

Where can I buy a case for iPhone 11 pro max?

We offer an excellent selection of the best solutions on the modern market. In our catalog, you can choose the ideal option for yourself and your device, which is performed in accordance with high standards of quality and reliability. Among other things, we

    form our product range based on three main indicators:
  • high demand in the global market;
  • reviews of specialized journalists and specialists;
  • compliance with European environmental standards.
This is why your iPhone 11 Pro Max case will become a real hit that will delight you for many years of active operation.